THE meeting of the undergraduate committee of 60 to meet Freshmen will be held in Upper Massachusetts tonight at 8 o'clock.

ALl candidates for the Freshman football teams report at 4 o'clock sharp on the Freshman field.

C. D. Draper, A. E. Rice, A. G. Mason, H. H. Fish, J. T. Roche, W. G. Morse, J. B. Rorer, G. G. Hubbard, R. H. Morrison and H. E. Shore, will kindly be at 206 Craigie Hall, Mt. Auburn street, at 7 tonight.

FOOTBALL NOTICE.- The general table at Young's for candidates for the 'Varsity football team stopped Thursday night, Sept. 30. The following men please report at Young's this morning: Cabot, Wheeler, Shaw, Bouve, Doucette, Donald, Moulton, Cochrane, Dibblee, Sullivan, Haughton, Brown, Cozzens.

ALL Candidates for 'Varsity baseball nine not playing football be on Holmes Field dressed to play, at 3 p. m., Friday.

WELD BOAT CLUB.- Beginning Thursday morning every member must positively show his membership ticket to the janitor before entering the house.