Freshmen, 18; M. T. S., 0.

The Freshman football team defeated the Cambridge Manual Training School team yesterday by the score of 18 to 0. The Freshmen easily out-played their opponents and put up a lively, fast game. At the start 1901 were rather weak in blocking and breaking up interference but they soon steadied down and held well. Their interference formed quickly and was especially helpful in the second half.

The game started with 1901 in possession of the ball. After the kick-off, Manual Training School made a few gains but soon lost the ball and then the Freshmen carried it, by short rushes, to the goal line. Reid was pushed over for a touchdown and Hallowell kicked the goal. Again, a little later in the half, Reid carried the ball over for another touchdown and Hallowell again kicked the goal.

In the second half Reid caught the ball on the kick-off and ran 90 yards with it for a touchdown. He also kicked the goal. For the rest of the half the play was in the middle of the field except near the end when Manual Training School held the ball on 1901's fifteen yard line but lost it on downs. Daly in the last minute of play carried the ball over the line, but the touchdown was not allowed, owing to the crowd of spectators who had swarmed on to the field and interfered with the players.

Reid played a star game throughout, kicking and running in fine style. Fincke and Daly both ran the team well and Hallowell and White proved valuable in the interference. The Freshmen lacked steadiness at times and were too often off-side, but these faults can easily be remedied.

The line-up was:

1901-r. e., Hallowell, Whitney; r. t., J. Lawrence; r. g., Talbot; c., Lyman; l. g., Peyton, Brighton; l. t., Jaynes; l. e., W. R. Lawrence, Shaw; q. b., Fincke, C. D. Daly; r. h. b., Ellis; l. h. b., Dendall, White; f. b., Reid.

Manual Training School-r. e., Merrill; r. t., Marshall; r. g., Pierce; c., Fiske; l. g., Hazen; l. t., Harris; l. e., Capelle; q. b., Columbus; r. h. b., Webb; l. h. b., Grothe; f. b., Yeager.