'Varsity Rowing News.

The 'Varsity fours have settled down to regular work, and most of the men are in fairly strict training. The practice each day consists of work in pair-oars, followed by long stretches in the shells. Most of the men who were laid off on account of injuries have recovered, and are out again, though McDuffie will be unable to row for some time owing to a sprained back. Clarke Thomson has returned to college and is with Bull's crew. Another man to come out is Swift, who is rowing regularly in Goodrich's boat.

The following is the make-up of the four crews with substitutes:

1. Blake, stroke; Goodrich (captain), 3; Swift, 2; C. P. Adams, bow. Davis, McBurney, Conroy, Pierce, substitutes.

2. J. F. Pekins (captain), stroke; Biddle, 3; Brown, 2; bow, Wood. Kinnicut, Barnes, Butler, substitutes.

3. J. H. Adams, stroke; J. H. Perkins (captain), 3; Byrd, 2; Marvin, bow. Garrett, Robinson, substitutes.

4. Bull (captain), stroke; Higginson, 3; Thomson, 2; Fitzgerald, bow. Dobyns, Coleman, substitutes.