Special Notice.

MR. F. W. WODELL, Pierce Building, Copley Sq., Boston. Cultivation of the voice upon principles of the Italian School. Pupil of Root, of Chicago and Shakespeare, London. 2 12

YOUNG'S, 15 Bow St. Room for three club tables. Seats at the general table. House renovated, electric lights, new chef, cuisine fine. Verdict of the 'Varsity eleven, which eats there as usual.

1 13

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. S. J. Chandler's meets at Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport, Tuesday nights. Term opens Oct. 12. Private lessons by appointment. Residence next city hall. 2 tf

HARVARD MEN.- Ducharme's barber shop is the only one reserved for your patronage in Cambridge. For years with Young's Hotel. Now post office block. At popular prices. Bring your razors for sharpening, etc. 2-tf

A SYNOPSIS of Mill's Principles of Political Economy, revised to date. This book of about one hundred pages contains the main working principles of the large text book of over one thousand pages. For sale at Wheeler's, 1284 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. 18 3

TRINITY HALL.- Front suite, three rooms. Two suites with southerly exposure, double bedrooms. Steam heat, hot and cold water and electric lights in each suite. Special rate for rest of College year. Apply to janitor. 20 tf

IF the students at the University who are Episcopalians will send to me their names and addresses, I shall gladly send them an invitation that I think they will be pleased to accept.

M. CHAMBERLAIN, 6 Quincy Hall.20 2

STUDENTS ROOMS.- Read's Dormitory, Boylston St., near College buildings. This avenue leads to Soldier's Athletic Field, Boat Houses and Cambridge Park. A few suites, parlor and two bed rooms and single rooms. Steam heat, bath rooms, hot and cold water. Prices very moderate. Apply to Janitor, Boylston St. 2 tf

EXCELLENT board and good service can be obtained for $6.00 per week at 1190 Mass. Ave., opposite Beck Hall. Club tables to let. Transients accommodated. 7 tf

Scribner's Beautiful Eds. of Stevenson, 21 vol.; Kipling, 12 vol.; Eugene Field, 10 vol.; Barrie, 8 vol.; Houghton, Mifflin and Co's Eds. of Lowell, 11 vol.; Hawthorne, 15; Holmes, 15; Whittier, 9; Longfellow, 14; and Emerson, 14 vol., illus. with 349 Photogravures; their new Ed. of Bret Harte. Little Brown and Co.'s New and Elegant Ed. of Francis Parkman, 20 vol., 120 ill. by Goupil and Co., Paris. All Eds. of the Standard Authors from $12 to $100 (Eds. de Luxe); Superb Ed. of the Arabian Nights (unexpurgated), 15 vol.- very rare. Standard Dictionary and Encyclopaedia Brittanica.

The complete set delivered and payments of $1 or $2 per month satisfactory.

Address X, Crimson.19 6

"CLASS OF 1901." Get all your clothes pressed once a week during college year for $10.00 each. Call at 7 Brattle, or drop postal to L. G. MacKeigan, P. O. Box 36, Cambridge. 4 tf

CARL PFLUEGER, Teacher of Singing, 21 Trowbridge St., Cambridge. 19 4

TO LET.- Suite of two rooms, 12 Hilton Block. Furnishings for sale. Apply to W. J. Downing, 70 Kilby street, Boston, or to janitor on premises. 17 6

Do your shoes need repairing? If so, take them to Newman's. When you get take them back compare the work with what you had done elsewhere. Our repairing is in keeping with our custom shoes. Nothing better at any price.


NOW READY.- The superb Wormly Ed. of Balzac, published at an expense of over $100.000 and strictly limited to 250 numbered copies. The illustrations are by Goupil and Co., Paris. The publisher's order was to spare no expense, to employ only the most famous of the French artists. The result is 586 truly magnificent etchings on the heaviest India paper (a separate book with this Ed. gives portraits and histories of the artists selected, nearly all being medallists) making this Ed. by all odds the most beautiful and artistic Balzac extant. Translated by one person throughout and conceded by experts not only the purest translation but the most ideally French ever produced. The paper is the famous Riesdel, Hamburg, every page having the monogram H. De. B. in the water line. The binding a polished buckram, more durable than leather and of one uniform and lasting color. This superset is published in 40 vols., at $5.00 per vol., delivered and payable at the rate of 2 vol. per month. Address X, Crimson office.