WILL the following men please act as ushers at the Brown game this afternoon: Rand, Boardman, Burgess, Livermore, Thompson, Von Utassy, Hastings, F. H. Bigelow, Nourse, Litting, Trainer, Stoddard, Hoague, Scull, Sayre, Gray, G, McC. Sargent, Farley, Hanavan, Hester. The above men must be at Soldiers Field at 2.15 p. m. if they desire to usher.

'98 FOOTBALL.- Men be on Holmes Field at 11 o'clock. Football clothes not needed. Important.

'99 FOOTBALL.- Signal practice before the game, at 2.30. All be out including subs. Don't wear football clothes.

1900 FOOTBALL.- No practice today. Will play Hopkinson Monday.

FRESHMAN FOOTBALL.- All candidates be dressed promptly at 2.00.

WELD 1901 CREW.- All men be at the boat house at 2 o'clock. Those men who did not row yesterday get there earlier if possible.

ALL members of the University wishing to join the Harvard Athletic Association can do so at Thurston's or at 205 Craigie Hall, Mondays, 1.30-2.30. The fee is $5 for the whole college course. Freshmen are urged to join at once.

RIFLE AND REVOLVER CLUB.- There will be an important business meeting on Friday, Dec. 3, in Mathews 16, at 7 p. m. There will be no regular club shoot until Saturday, Dec. 4, but all candidates for the team are urged to practice as much as possible before that date.

ANY students of the University wishing to become members of the Ornithological section of the Harvard Natural History Society are invited to attend an organization meeting to be held on Monday evening at 7.45 in No. 506 Craigie Hall, Mt. Auburn street.

BROWN AND NICHOLS CLUB.- The triennial dinner of the graduates of the Brown and Nichols School will be held at Young's Hotel on Saturday, Nov. 6, at 7.15. All those expecting to be present should send two dollars to R. Walcott, 11 Waterhouse street, before Nov. 1.

MEN are needed to teach in a Chinese Sunday School, which meets Sunday afternoons at the corner of Beacon and Somerset streets. The object is to teach the Chinamen to read and write. Any one who is interested may obtain information at 2 Stoughton Hall 22 3

PROSPECT UNION.- Teachers wanted in book-keeping and photography. Also school books of all kinds. Please call at 22 Grays between 10 and 11 a. m.