Official Notice.

THE College Library will close on Monday, Oct. 25, at one o'clock for the day and evening.

STUDENTS in English X, who have chosen the section at nine o'clock on Mondays and Fridays, please meet me in Holden Chapel at nine o'clock on Monday.

J. J. HAYES.ENGLISH C.- Students of all sections will please bring their Specimens of Argumentation to the recitations on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 25 and 26.

CANDIDATES for approval as tutors in French are requested to make their applications in writing on blank forms, to be obtained of Professor de Sumichrast in Sever 23, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at nine o'clock, on Tuesday and Thursday at ten, at eleven and at twelve o'clock. Blanks will be sent by mail if desired.

Applications should be handed in before October 30.

Notice will be given of the day, hour and place of the examination for competency.