Special Notice.

HAIR CUTTING SPECIALISTS.- Griffith's hair dressing rooms, 7 Brattle street, Harvard square. Seven artists, all special hair cutters. Razors carefully honed.

C. W. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.For five years at Young's Hotel, Boston.

MISS POST'S School for Instruction in Dancing at Pierce Hall, Copley Sq., reopens in October. Private lessons a specialty. Prospectus forwarded upon application. Office hours, 9 till 11, daily.


ERNEST W. CLARK, plumber, next to Ramsden's, makes a speciality of gas fixtures, lamps, chimneys and electrical work. ORders taken for Welsbach lights.


CANDIDATES for the Lampoon and others interested in drawing and painting and in illustrating taught by Mr. Eric Pape in Cowles Art School. Address for circulars,

F. M. COWLES, Manager, 221 Columbus Ave.1-9

THE Society of Decorative Art, 14 East 34th St., New York. Sofa Pillows, curtains, flags, artistic furnishings of all kinds, suitable for students' rooms. Shopping to order. 3 3m

THE old stand at Foster's is the best place in Cambridge to get a good lunch. All kinds of temperance drinks. 7 tf

BANJOS, Mandolins, Guitars, Zithers and all musical instruments delivered and paid for in monthly payments in as small or large payments as the purchaser may elect. Address B, Crimson, and will call showing cuts, prices and full descriptions. Lowest cash prices. The largest and finest stock in the city to select from. 19 3

STUDENTS.- Buy your second-hand text books at the Harvard Book Store, near Post Office, 33 Brattle St. 1-tf

"CLASS OF 1901." Get all your clothes pressed once a week during college year for $10.00 each. Call at 7 Brattle, or drop postal to L. G. MacKeigan, P. O. Box 36, Cambridge. 4 tf

CARL PFLUEGER, Teacher of Singing, 21 Trowbridge St., Cambridge. 19 4

TO LET.- Suite of two rooms, 12 Hillton Block. Furnishings for sale. Apply to W. J. Dowing, 70 Kilby street, Boston, or to janitor on premises. 17 6

EXCELLENT board and good service can be obtained for $6.00 per week at 1190 Mass. Ave., opposite Beck Hall. Club tables to let. Transients accommodated. 7 tf