Special Notice.

TUTORING.- Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mineralogy, Zoology, Botany.

Greek, Latin, German, French, English.

PORTER E. SARGENT, A. M., F. HEILIG, A. B., 49 Matthews.Hours, 1 to 2.30; 6.30 to 7.30. 28 10

LOST.- A note-book containing metalurgy notes, with name of J. T. Roche, Jr. Finder please return to Crimson office.

HAT.- Will the man who by mistake took a light derby hat from the trial debate send word to 2 Perkins.

FRESHMEN! Don't buy pencils. You can get them for nothing by calling at Pach's Studio, where Mr. Tupper will be pleased to show you all the different athletic and society groups of Harvard.

The Pachs have been class photographers for Harvard, with the exception of three years, since 1878. By paying a visit to the upper room in the library Harvard men will have the privilege of seeing the class photograph albums for many years back. A goodly number of the men there represented have since risen to fame and honor. 8 3

THE VALHALLA, 12 Dunster St. First class Table board. Nice rooms suitable for club tables of 6, 8 or 10. Board by the day or week. Single meals also served. 28 2

NOW READY.- The superb Wormly Ed. of Balzac, published at an expense of over $100.000 and strictly limited to 250 numbered copies. The illustrations are by Goupil and Co., Paris. The publisher's order was to spare no expense, to employ only the most famous of the French artists. The result is 586 truly magnificent etchings on the heaviest India paper (a separate book with this Ed. gives portraits and histories of the artists selected, nearly all being medalists) making this Ed. by all odds the most beautiful and artistic Balzac extant. Translated by one person throughout and conceded by experts not only the purest translation but the most ideally French ever produced. The paper is the famous Riesdel, Hamburg, every page having the monogram H. De. B. in the water line. The binding a polished buckram, more durable than leather and of one uniform and lasting color. This superb set is published in 40 vols., at $5.00 per vol., delivered and payable at the rate of 2 vol. per month. Address X, Crimson office.