On the River.

There is a great deal of activity at the 'Varsity boat house at present. The make-up of the four-oared crews is pretty much determined upon. Dubois, who has been rowing bow in Goodrich's crew, injured his hand yesterday and will be laid up for a week or ten days. Clarke Thompson, however, returns to college shortly and will no doubt fill the vacancy. Bull's crew is still in a somewhat unsettled condition, both McDuffie and Higginson being laid off.

All the boats are going fairly well. The men are getting accustomed to the new boats and they are moving along more evenly and with greater speed. J. H. Perkins's crew seems to be in the best condition just at present, although that of J. F. Perkins shows up fairly.

The make-up of the boats is as follows:

I. Stroke, Goodrich, (captain); 3, Bancroft; 2, Blake; bow, Adams '99.

II. Stroke, H. Adams; 3, J. H. Perkins, (captain); 2, Byrd; bow, Marvin.

III. Stroke, J. F. Perkins, (captain); 3, Biddle; 2, Brown; bow, Wood.

IV. Stroke, Bull, (captain); 3, Coleman; 2, Tilton; bow, Dobyns.

The other men out include: L. Butler, Barnes, Kinnicutt, Robinson, P. Davis, Garrett, Conroy, Fitzgerald, Pierce.