English 6.

Debate for Thursday, Nov. 4, '97.Question: "Resolved, That the United States has a right to such jurisdiction over Behring Sea as will be adquate to protect the seals."

Affirmative.G. L. Patterson and W. K. Otis.

Best general references: The Behring Sea Question, S. B. Stanton; the Behring Sea Arbitration, correspondence of the London Times; Hall's International Law. State papers on Behring Sea question; U. S. Dept. of State, 1890.

Negative.H. S. Smith and E. T. Gundlach.

Best general references: Halls International Law, Sec. 40-42; Snow's Cases, Appendix A; 19th Cent. 33, 606, 1038; Harpers 82, 766; Forum 8, 225; Nation 57, 113, 61, 412; Atlantic 65, 178; N. Am. Rev. 154, 575; Sat. R. 68, 128, or 71, 152; London Times, Jan., June, '97, and N. Y. Tribune, '95-'97. For newspapers see index of London Times fisheries, and for Tribune its index under Behring Sea.

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