CRIMSON.- Meeting and beer night this evening at 7.30. All old editors are asked to attend.

CRIMSON.- The following candidates have been retained for further trial: Aldred, Barker, Becker, Bell, Cheney, Davenport, Eastman, Friend, Holmes, Hammond, Locke, Nichols, Stevens, Whitney, Wellington, Wirt. These men will be in the office at 7 this evening without fail.

'99 FOOTBALL.- Practice at 3.45. Everybody must be out.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal at 7 p. m. sharp, Monday, Nov. 1. All members and new men must attend punctually and be in their seats at 7. The motion passed at the last business meeting will be rigidly enforced. Return all parts taken for practice.

'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal in Stoughton 4 today at 4.45.

'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 sharp. Every man must be present.