FRESHMAN FOOTBALL.- The following men be at Thurston's at 11.15 sharp to go to Worcester. Clothes can be got during the morning at the Locker Building. Hallowell, Lyman, J. S. Lawrence, W. R. Lawrence, J. Larence, Brayton, Peyton, Talbot, Kasson, Fincke, Ellis, Kendall, Hawkins, Merriam, and Jaynes. All other men must be at Soldiers Field dressed promptly at 3.30 to play the Law School.

'98 FOOTBALL TEAM.- Picture will be taken today at Pach's at 2.30. All men who played in the game with '99, and Edson, Emmons, Wood, Burrage and Flint be dressed at Pach's at that time.

'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal in L. S. S. 1 today at 4.45.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- The double quartette will meet in front of Thurstons at 6.30 sharp to go to Wellesley. Friday night's soloists will please bring their solos. Full dress.

'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal for guitars at 7; rest of club at 7.30. Concert at Colonial Club afterward.

BAND.- Rehearsal at 4.30 p. m. today L. S. S., in Room 1.

CERCLE FRANCAIS.- Meeting tonight at 7.30 in big room of Colonial Club. Lecture on fencing; fencing bouts; concert by 'Varsity Banjo Club.

GOLF CLUB.- Members who have not received their shingles are requested to call at once at the CRIMSON office for them.

ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- Very important business meeting tonight at 7 o'clock in Grays 17. Full attendance desired.

HARVARD FORUM.- The regular meeting of the Forum will be held this evening at 7.30 in Sever 11. The subject of the debate is: "Resolved, That the action of Sheriff Martin in the recent Lattimer trouble is not justifiable." Affirmative: R. L. Kennedy L. S., and J. H. Richards 1900. Negative: W. T. Parker L. S., and M. Davis 1900. There will be an important business meeting after the debate and all members of the club are urged to be present.

FENCING CLUB.- Professor Rondelle will be at the rooms Mondays and Fridays from 3 to 5. All men wishing to try for either the intercollegiate or junior teams are urged to begin lessons at once. Any member of the University who is not a member of the Fencing Club wishing to try for either team may take lessons in the club rooms on applying to A. F. Riggs, 44 Ware Hall. 7 2

ALL members of the University wishing to join the Harvard Athletic Association can do so at Thurston's or at 205 Craigie Hall, Mondays, 1.30-2.30. The fee is $5 for the whole college course. Freshmen are urged to join at once.

PROSPECT UNION.- Teacher wanted for a class in Telegraphy. Also copies of Mills "Principles of Political Economy." Please communicate with F. W. Palfrey, 22 Grays.