Special Notice.

HARVARD MEN.- Ducharme's barber shop is the only one reserved for your patronage in Cambridge. For years with Young's Hotel. Now post office block. At popular prices. Bring your razors for sharpening, etc. 2-tf

TRINITY HALL.- Front suite, three rooms. Two suites with southerly exposure, double bedrooms. Steam heat, hot and cold water and electric lights in each suite. Special rate for rest of College year. Apply to janitor. 20 tf

TABLE BOARD.- A few students can be accommodated at the general table by applying at 1200 Mass. Ave. (opp. Beck).

33 6


TUTORING.- Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mineralogy, Zoology, Botany.

Greek, Latin, German, French, English.


PORTER E. SABGENT, A. M., F. HEILIG, A. B., 49 Matthews.Hours, 1 to 2.30; 6.30 to 7.30. 28 10

FOR RENT.- A pleasant room, nicely furnished, for reasonable terms, at 1200 Mass. Ave. 33 6

LOST.- A gold open face Waltham watch with crest on back bearing the motto "Deus Alit Eos." Finder will receive suitable reward by returning same to 12 Ware Hall. 37 2

STUDENS wishing to entertain friends will find excellent accommodations and reasonable rates at Miss Cotter's, 10 Oxford street, next door to Foxcroft. 7 2

TO HARVARD STUDENTS.- We are serving, Free, Whitman's Instantaneous Chocolate. You are cordially invited to sample it. Just what you need to complete your lunch. Frank P. Merrill, Harvard square. 32 4

LOST, a "Waterman's Ideal" fountain pen; two gold bands. It finder will return to G. W. Mead, 208 Craigie he will receive a suitable reward.

EXCELLENT board and good service can be obtained for $6.00 per week at 1190 Mass. Ave., opposite Beck Hall. Club tables to let. Transients accommodated. 7 tf

STUDENTS.- Buy your second-hand text books at the Harvard Book Store, near Post Office, 33 Brattle St. 1-tf

THERE will be photographs of the Harvard, Yale and Pennsylvania elevens in the Boston Sunday Journal Art Supplement next Sunday.

Besides, there will be the best reports of the big games. The New England Magazine, 48 pages, illustrated with halftones, is given free with every copy of the Boston Sunday Journal.