Final Hard Practice.

The 'Varsity practice yesterday afternoon was encouraging from several points of view. As the last hard work of the year, the practice passed off emphatically successful in that not a single man was injured and that at the present date none of the casualties sustained by members of the team this year will keep any man out of Saturday's game.

The work yesterday was sharp and snappy and the team as a whole began to exhibit their first top-form. In all, thirty minutes of line-up was gone through with between the 'Varsity and substitutes. This time was divided equally between offensive and defensive play. There was some fumbling on the offense but as a whole the team got together fairly well.

The defense of the 'Varsity in the second line-up was the strongest that they have displayed this season. The substitutes had the ball all the time and during the fifteen minutes were enabled to make but little advance against the 'Varsity's fierce defensive play.

A considerable amount of time was also spent in running through signals. The plays were got off with commendable rapidity, but there was not so much perfection in the plays as the coaches could have wished for. During the afternoon every member of the 'Varsity squad was given an opportunity to play some length of time.