Freshmen Defeated.

Yesterday afternoon, the Freshman eleven was defeated by Worcester Academy 18 to 6. Outside the class games, this is the first defeat the Freshmen have received, and though virtually a stronger team, they were beaten on account of fumbling and the general lifelessness of their play. From the start, the Worcester eleven played a strong, fast game, which seemed to rattle the Freshmen, and it was not until the second half that Harvard was able to score. All the touchdowns were made between Harvard's left end and tackle, and this side of the team is to blame for the defeat. In the first half the Freshmen rushed the ball up to Worcester's 1 yard line, but before they were able to push the ball over, time was called.

At the opening of the second half the score stood 12 to 0 in favor of Worcester, and in the first few minutes after the ball was put in play, Worcester scored its third touchdown. After this, the Freshmen rallied and by consistent gains pushed Brayton over Worcester's line for a touchdown. J. Lawrence kicked the goal. For the rest of the half neither side scored.

The work of Harvard's backs was particularly poor, especially on the defensive. On the offensive, the chief fault was the fumbling behind the line which in great part accounted for Harvard's small score. Spear at left tackle played a brilliant game for Worcester, and to his strong playing are due the three touchdowns scored against the Freshmen. Though the eleven alone is to blame for this defeat, the team is a strong one, and with a week's practice before it, should improve.

The line-up follows:


A. Cambell, l. e. r. e., Hallowell.

Spear, l. t. r. t., J. Lawrence.

Davis, l. g. r. g., Talbot.

Wheeler, c. c., Kasson.

Page, r. g. l. g., Peyton.

White, r. t. l. t., Brayton.

Norris, r. e. l. e., J. S. Lawrence. l. e., W. R. Lawrence.

Kinsborough, Shirk, q. b. q. b., Fincke.

D. Cambell, l. h. b. r. h. b., Ellis.

Robinson, r. h. b. l. h. b., Hawkins. l. h. b., Kendall.

Shirk, f. b. f. b., Jaynes.