Golf Championship.

In the preliminary round of the University golf championship competition, held under the auspices of the Harvard Golf Club yesterday, the following is the list of entires with their respective scores: W. B. Cutting, Jr., 1900, 81; M. E. Jenkins L. S., 85; J. H. Choate, Jr., L. S., 86; G. C. Clark, Jr., 1901, 89; J. F. Curtis '98, 91; T. M. Hastings '98, 92; J. G. Averell '99, 94; G. M. Wheelock 1901, 94; E. R. Marvin '99, 96; Chandler Robbins '99, 96; Stoughton Bell L. S., 97; C. R. Henderson, Jr., 1901, 97; J. DeK. Towner '98, 97; J. G. Forbes 1901, 99; H. C. Perkins M. S., 99; H. W. Brown L. S., 103; R. B. Sprague L. S., 103; R. S. Hardy 1901, 104; W. M. Tyler '99, 105; T. H. Robbins '99, 106; J. N. C. Bonaparte '99, 108; J. E. Postlethwaite 1901, 108; M. S. Greenough '98, 111; E. B. Barstow 1900 111; W. B. Robbins '99, 112; E. P. Fay L. S., 114; H. D. Buell L. S.; 119; H. H. Shaw '99, 120; W. H. Conroy Sp., 125; G. C. Johnson 1901, 142.

The first round must be finished by Monday. Returns must be made at Leavitt and Peirce's. The drawings of the men who qualified are as follows:

J. G. Forbes 1901 vs. W. B. Cutting, Jr., 1900; Stoughton Bell L. S. vs. T. M. Hastings '98; J. F. Curtis '98 vs. J. DeK. Towner '98; H. C. Perkins M. S. vs. G. M. Wheelock 1901; C. R. Henderson, Jr., 1901 vs. G. C. Clark, Jr., 1901; Chandler Robbins '99 vs. E. R. Marvin '99; J. G. Averell '99 vs. M. E. Jenkins L. S.; J. H. Choate, Jr., vs. winner Brown-Sprague match.

R. B. Sprague L. S. and H. W. Brown L. S. will play off their tie at once.