Nominations to Fellowships and Scholarships for 1897=98.

To the Henry Lee Memorial Fellowship. Income, $450. Left vacant in June 1897.

Herbert Camp Marshall, A. B. (Ohio Wesleyan Univ.) 1891. A. B. (Harvard Univ.) 1894, A. M. (ibid) 1895; IV. year Graduate School; Assistant in Economics, 1895-96; Townsend Scholar, 1896-97; appointed Thayer Scholar, June 1897. For promotion. To study Political Economy.

To a William Whiting Fellowship. Income, $300. Vacated by the resignation of R. O. King.

John Emerson Burbank, A. B. (Bowdoin Coll., Me.) 1896, A. M. (ibid.) 1897; Assistant in Physics at Bowdoin College, 1896-97; I. year Graduate School; appointed University Scholar, June 1897. For promotion. To study Physics.