The Men and Their Individual Work Throughout the Season.

The football team has now reached its culminating point and satisfactory results have been obtained in one respect, the 'Varsity and substitutes will come to the game with no injuries that will cause anxiety as to their ability to last through the game except in one or two cases. The team has shown gradual and steady improvement and should show its best form Saturday.

The ends have covered their positions in excellent form throughout the season. Their fault is that they do not help the runners enough on the offensive. For substitute end, Richardson has been doing good work. In spite of his light weight he seems to break up or sift through interference and is always at the right spot. Bull has been showing up well as an end, tackling fiercely and running hard and well, though showing greenness and tackling too high. Graydon tackles well but is nursing an injury, and Lewis, though first-rate on following the ball, often overruns his man and misses tackles.

At tackle Donald has done as good work as his condition permits. He is heady, reliable, and a decidedly good tackle. Swain, though the lightest candidate, has shown good quality of work throughout the year. He is aggressive, tackles hard and accurately and runs fairly well with the ball. Wheeler is gaining all the time. He puts up a fierce game and would be invaluable but for his tendency to get offside. He also uses his arms too freely in blocking. Mills, who has the capacity of making one of the best football players in college, mars his brilliant work by continued offside penalties and by allowing himself to be pocketed or drawn through so far as to leave a hole. He runs with the ball with excellent speed and judgment, and would make a good halfback.

At guard Bouve is showing up well both on the offensive and defensive. If he showed a little more fierceness in his play there would be little fault to find with him. Haskell is steady and strong. He follows the ball well and is apt to get it on a fumble. He knows his position thoroughly. Shaw's present good work is too well known to need comment. If he does not play Saturday it will be due to some physical disability rather than to any doubt as to the excellence of his play. Boal is a fierce rusher and plays a strong and aggressive game, but one not entirely safe on the defensive. Doucette has his own way of playing and does much to vindicate it. He is steady, knows the game, and plays it for all it is worth. He is always on the ball and helps to throw his opponent for a loss. He will have a good man against him in Cadwalader. Burden plays aggressively, but not always safely, and needs steadying in good passing of the ball.

Garrison has done excellent work at quarter. He is heady, thoroughly trained in his position, and instinctively a good general. His choice of plays can seldom be criticized, while his interference is exceptional. He is not as strong a defensive player as Cochrane, who has done consistent good work, accurate, quick and aggressive. The team seems to score rapidly when he is running it. He is good on the defence, a sure tackler, and his goal kicking is a feature.

Dibblee has done very good work and improved from first to last. His dodging is a feature and he seems safe to catch kicks and hold the ball while running. He is tough and never seems to be injured, the only occasion when he has been taken out being precautionary. He should give a good account of himself Saturday. Parker has dash and speed and hits the line hard but is often blocked by his own interference and is by no means a finished player. Sawin has not been doing his best work of late and seems to have been out of shape. He is improving, however. Warren is the real find of the year. He has developed into a good player, is fast, aggressive, a good tackler and hard line bucker. He also seems to catch the ball and hold it. Sullivan has played in hard luck and has had no opportunity to show his best. He played well in the Brown game, but, his leg weakening, he has been unable to maintain the pace. Cozzens too has suffered from injuries. He tackles well and gets good speed in running but is not entirely a safe back. Haughton is kicking well and accurately, with a twist that is difficult to catch. He gets off quickly with the interference, but does not get his man as he should. He is strong on the defense. Brown has not shown his best this year, having started the season too fine and never really struck his pace. His fumbling has been bad but he has done some really good kicking.

On the whole the men have worked consistently and hard and should show the results by putting up a good game Saturday.

The probable line-up on Saturday will be: Cabot, l. e.; Swain, l. t.; Bouve, l. g.; Doucette, c.; Shaw or Haskell, r. g.; Donald, r. t.; Moulton, r. e.; Garrison, q. b.; Dibblee, l. h. b.; Sawin, Warren, r. h. b.; Warren, Haughton, f. b.

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