CREW NOTICE.- These men be at the boat house dressed to row as follows: Thomson, Coleman, Brown and Dobyns at 10.10; Perkins '98, Byrd, Higginson, H. Adams, DuBois and Biddle at 12.10.

FRESHMAN FOOTBALL.- All men be dressed at 3.00. Every one must be out to make up a second eleven.

ALL men playing on Scrub No. 1 be at Norton's Field at 4 p. m., dressed to play.

'99 Football.: The following men please be at Pach's at 2 o'clock sharp this afternoon: Baldwin, Kilbourn, Lloyd, Homans, Catlin, Holden, Johnston, Thompson, Adams, Farley, Davis, Simpson, Macomber, Brown, Stowell, Huntington, Jackson and Forbes.

SHOOTING TEAM.- The following men be in front of Thurston's today at 12.45 o'clock to go to Wellington and from there direct to the 5.45 train for Philadelphia: P. Bancroft, E. Mallinckrodt, H. W. Dana, J. M. Campbell, H. W. Sanford, B. S. Blake, H. F. Lunt.

WELD 1901 CREW.- Forsman, Brainerd, McFadon and Nichols be at boat house at 3.30 sharp.

'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 6.45. All be present.

ALL men wishing to try for business manager of the Harvard Monthly please call at Stoughton 10 after 7 p. m.

NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY, Botanical Section.- Meeting tonight at 7.30 at 58 Hastings. Mr. Fernald will speak upon "Plant Distribution in the Middle Penobscot Valley." Members of the University desiring to become members of the society are invited to be present.

THE "No-to-bacs" challenge the "Helcats" or any other scrub team to play at 4 this afternoon on Holmes Field. Manager can be seen at 6 Thayer Hall.

WILL the appointed men, including the following be at Sanders tonight at 7.15 to usher at Symphony concert: Hayden, Hyde, Fisher, Rand, Dobyns, Utter, Dennison, Locke, Fox, Johnson, Spalding, Holt, Cunningham.