Harvard and Yale 1901 Elevens Meet at Two O'clock Today.

This afternoon, on Soldiers Field, at two o'clock, Harvard 1901 will meet Yale 1901 in the first freshman football game between the two universities since 1894. Though Harvard is believed to have the strongest Freshman eleven she has had for many years, Yale, strengthened by her victory over Princeton, will be found by no means a weak adversary. However, if the Freshman team plays the game it is capable of, it ought to win from Yale today.

The line-up will be as follows:

HARVARD 1901. YALE 1901.

Hawkins, l. e. r. e., Coy.

Burnett, l. t. r. t., Kelly.

Peyton, l. g. r. g., Richardson.

Kasson, c. c., Montague.

Talbot, r. g. l. g., Richards.

J. Lawrence, r. t. l. t., Thompson.

Taylor, r. e. l. e., Van Wicklen.

Hallowell (capt.), q. b. q. b., Wear (capt.)

Kendall, l. h. b. r. h. b., Auchincloss.

Ellis, r. h. b. l. h. b., Townshend.

Reid, f. b. f. b., Dupee.

The officials will be Draper of Williams, and Jones of Dartmouth. Wood of B. A. A. will be the timekeeper.

Yesterday afternoon, the Freshman eleven had the last practice of the season. The work was light, and though both the first and second elevens ran through their signals, there was no line-up. Both teams spent much of the time improving the interference for the backs and getting down the field on kick-offs. In running through the signals, the men were slow, and time after time lost the ball on fumbles. Besides this weakness, the old tendency to start before the ball was put in play was very apparent. Towards the end of the practice, however, the work of the eleven improved greatly and there was far less hesitancy about the signals.