CRIMSON.- Important special meeting at 1.30 sharp today.

CRIMSON.- The following candidates have been retained for further trial: Becker, Bell, Cheney, Corbin, Davenport, Eastman, Friend, Gilman, Locke, Nichols, Peckham, Stevens, Whitney, Wirt. These men will report for conference at 1.30 promptly.

ALL men who played on Scrub No. 1 against Newton Saturday be on Norton's Field at 4 p. m. ready to practice. Bertholf, Wilson, Hester and Kidder be out sure.

'VARSITY MANDOLIN CLUB-Rehearsal today in L. S. S. 1 at 4.45. mwf

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal at 7 p. m. sharp this evening. All members and new men must attend punctually. Return all parts taken for practice.

FRENCH PLAY.- Supernumeraries in Squad I who were absent from the rehearsal on Saturday afternoon are requested to attend at 4.30 today, when I intend to finally organize the squads and sections.

All members of Squad II must be present.