French Department Play.

Rehearsals of the French Department play which is to be given in Sanders Theatre on the evenings of December 6, 8 and 10, have been held daily during the past week. The rehearsals thus far have been of a varied nature. Some of the principals have been studying their parts during the summer and all of them have been hard at work rehearsing with Professor de Sumichrast for the past month. Twenty-five Radcliffe students are to take part in the play. A few have minor parts and the rest form the chorus, which Racine uses very much as the Greek tragic chorus. The rehearsals of the chorus are held at Radcliffe and at the house of Professor de Sumichrast. Two divisions have been formed from the Harvard undergraduates in the play, and these have been rehearsing on alternate days.

The work for the coming week will be rehearsals of the whole company in Sanders Theatre daily, except Thanksgiving Day.

Criticisms of the principals in the play would be now a little premature. It may be said, however, that the two chief parts, those of Athalie and Joad are very ably taken by Miss Cushing and Professor de Sumichrast. Most of the supernumeraries are still rather awkward and stiff, but improvement is made with every rehearsal.

There have been no dress rehearsals so far but the costumes, which have been made in Paris are expected in a few days. The scenery will be in position by the end of the week.