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partment. He has an admirable accent, but his acting is negative, and lacks power.

Mr. C. H. C. Wright, also of the French Department, will represent Mathan. He is an old performer in Harvard theatricals, taking the leading part in the first Moliere play. He has the best voice of any of the men. Mr. Wright is a graduate of Harvard, and also of Balliol College, Oxford.

Ishmael, by Mr. A. R. Tisdale, graduate, Harvard University '93, is well known in amateur theatricals in Boston. He played last year in "Alice in Wonderland." He has also taken a leading part in Hasty Pudding plays.

The part of Nabal will be taken by George Cabot Ward '98.

Azarias, by L. H. Horton 1901, who has an excellent French accent and a good deal of spirit in his acting.