Prospects for Year.- Revival of Interest in Boston and Vicinity.

The prospects of the Fencing Club for this year are quite bright, as, with the exception of A. G. Thatcher '97, all the members of last year's intercollegiate team are in college, and there is also much promising new material for the team. The interest in fencing this year is greater than ever before, not only in Cambridge, but also in Boston and the surrounding towns; and at the recent meeting held by the Boston Athletic Association there were a large number of entries.

The intercollegiate championship of the United States will probably be held in Boston this year, as the New England division of the Amateur Fencers League has been revived and has now a membership of over fifty. In addition to this tournament, the New England championship will be held at Boston as usual, and there will be also numerous small meetings, handicap and scratch, for all three arms, sabers, duelling swords and foils. There will thus be numberous opportunities for good practice. The junior championship tournament will probably be held in New York, as heretofore, as the prize is offered by Mr. Roosevelt.

Cornell has recently applied to enter the Intercollegiate League, composed of Harvard, Columbia, and Annapolis. This would give additional interest to the championship, as there have been only three teams since Yale dropped out.

There are now so many good men at Harvard trying for positions on the teams that it is hard to tell who will finally be chosen. Some of the more promising are: M. D. de Diaz '98, A. F. Riggs '98, F. W. Palfrey '98, A. B. Lapsley '99, M. Greene L. S., R. Pulitzer 1900, J. MacW. Durrant L. S., H. B. Clark 1901, G. H. Breed '98.