MINNESOTA CLUB.- Meeting Monday, 8 p. m., at 20 Weld Hall. Election of officers.

FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES who are to speak at the final trials of their respective debating clubs may find reference books on the question for debate in Alcove 19 and at the desk in the Library reading room.

ATHALIE USHERS.- The following have been appointed ushers for the performance this afternoon: A. S. Gilman, E. E. Goodhue, D. Vincent, H. P. Perry, G. Blake, B. D. Barker, H. McK. Jones, H. Fox, K. L. Mark, E. Cook, G. S. Parker, F. R. DuBois, R. D. Swaim, C. Bell, R. H. Dana, H. G. Hart, H. B. Clark, A. D. Wyman, T. H. Gray, R. W. Simmons, G. Bell, R. W. Shapleigh, L. D. Humphrey, L. Mendelsohn. Ushers must be at Sanders at 12.50 without fail to receive badges and instructions.

ANY candidate for this year's Mott Haven team wishing to do any work preliminary to the regular winter work can do so by joining the squad which meets every day at four o'clock, Saturdays excepted.

SPRINGFIELD CLUB.- Annual dinner at Trinity Court, Dartmouth street, Saturday evening at 8. No dress suits.

ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- Evening prayers will be read every evening during Advent (Nov. 29 to Dec. 22) in 17 Grays at seven o'clock.

MILTON ACADEMY CLUB.- There will be a meeting at 31 Bow street, Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 8 p. m.