To be Held in Sanders Theatre this Evening.

The Pierian Sodality will give its annual fall concert in Sanders Theatre, tonight at 8 o'clock. Especial interest attaches to the performance in as much as it is to be the first fall concert given by the Pierian Sodality alone. Hitherto the Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs have always appeared upon the programme too. This is the club's ninetieth year, and it is now in a more flourishing condition than ever. It counts seventy members, forty-five of whom will play tonight.

The members of the Wellesley Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs, who are to attend the concert as the guests of the Pierian, will be tendered a reception in Perkins Hall from 6 to 7.30 this evening.

The patronesses are Mrs. C. W. Eliot, Mrs. H. L. Higginson, Mrs. Louis Agassiz, President Irvine of Wellesley College, Mrs. W. A. Bancroft, Mrs. R. H. Dana, Mrs. G. P. Baker, Mrs. S. B. Pearmain, Mrs. G. H. Palmer, Mrs. L. B. R. Briggs, Mrs. W. James, Mrs. J. K. Paine, Mrs. A. A. Howard and Mrs. J. T. Trowbridge.

The programme of the concert is as follows:



1. The Stars and Stripes Forever, Sousa.

2. Selections from "Faust," Gounod.

3. Songs: a. "Sehnsucht," Rubinstein.

b. "Es Blinkt der Thau," E. M. Waterhouse '98.

4. Au Moulin, Gillet.

5. Aphrodite Waltz, Jaxone.

6. Quartette in G-major, Op. 64, No. 4, Haydn.

Allegro con brio, Menuetto (allegretto).

Adagio (cantabile sostenuto) Finale (presto).

Carl S. Oakman 1900, First Violin; F. L.