Annual Tournament will be Played in New York During the Vacation.

The sixth annual intercollegiate chess tournament between Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton will be played at the Columbia Grammar School, 34 and 36 East 51st street, New York, beginning next Monday afternoon, December 27, and closing Saturday night, January 1 Mr. E. A. Caswell, Yale '66, has entire charge of the tournament.

During the spring of '92 a few graduates of the four colleges donated a silver cup which was valued at $400, to be played for annually, Harvard's proportion of the expense being paid by H. O. Poor '90. This cup is to become the permanent possession of the college which wins the championship ten times, while members of the winning team each year are given a silver medal with the name and date engraved upon it. Of the five tournaments which have already been held, Columbia won the first two, and Harvard the last three.

Harvard's team this year will be composed of E. E. Southard 1 M., and J. Hewins, Jr., '98, with F. E. Thayer '99, and P. W. Long '98 as substitutes. Southard has been one of Harvard's representatives in the last two tournaments, last year winning all six of his games. He probably stands at the head of college players at the present time. Hewins played in the '94 tournament, where he won five out of six games. Being out of college two years, he did not again take part in any intercollegiate tournaments until last year, when he was a substitute. What little outside practice the Harvard players have had has been with members of the Boston Chess Club.

J. W. Showalter, the chess champion, has been coaching the Yale team which is made up of W. M. Murdoch '98 S., and L. A. Cook 1900, with J. C. Pickett 1900, and H. Logan 1900, as substitutes. Murdoch, who finished first in the university tournament this fall, has represented Yale for two years. Cook was first substitute last year.


A. S. Meyer 1901, and G. O. Seward '98, will represent Columbia, the two substitutes being G. R. Jacobus '98, and K. G. Falk 1901 S. Columbia's players have one great drawback, in their inexperience, but to offset this they have had the best of coaching by H. N. Pillsbury, the well-known expert.

Although Princeton has lost Seymour, her team is considered quite strong. W. W. Young '99, played at New York last year, while D. T. Dana 1901, has earned his position as Princeton's other representative, by winning all but one of his preliminary games. E. D. Carter 1900, and C. H. Hale '98, are the substitutes.


The following is the full schedule of the games to be played:

First Round, Dec. 27.

Meyer (C) vs. Hewins (H).

Cook (Y) vs. Dana (P).

Seward (C) vs. Young (P).

Murdoch (Y) vs. Southard (H).

Second Round, Dec. 28.

Meyer (C) vs. Cook (Y).

Dana (P) vs. Hewins (H).

Seward (C) vs. Southard (H).