Indoor Athletic Meetings.

During the next few weeks several indoor athletic meetings will be held, to which Harvard has received invitations to send entries.

February 22 the Roxbury Latin School will hold games at the M. I. T. Gymnasium in Boston. The following events will be open: 30 yds. dash, 35 yds. hurdles (low), running high jump (handicap), pole vault (handicap), potato race. Entries for this meeting will close February 17.

On the same day the Holy Cross College Athletic Association will hold an indoor meeting at Mechanics' Hall, Worcester. The following open events will be held: 30 yds. dash, handicap (6 tf. limit), one mile run (70 yds. limit), 440 yds. run (novice), 600 yds. run, handicap (30 yds. limit), pole vault (1 ft. limit). Entries for these games close Monday, February 15.

The annual winter meeting of the Yale Athletic Association in conjunction with be held Saturday evening, March 13. The following events will be open handicap: 50 yds. dash, 50 yds. hurdles, 880 yds. run, 1 mile run, putting 16 pound shot, pole vault, running high jump, 1 mile walk. An open relay race will also be held. Entries close Saturday, March 6.

In the case of all these games, entries must be made through Mr. Lathrop.