No Headline

The complaints recently published in the CRIMSON concerning the management of the Harvard Dining Association will benefit the Association in starting an investigation by the board of directors, and they can not hurt the steward if his present position is a just one.

The steward is engaged by the president and board of directors. He receives a certain yearly salary and, in addition, a system of "head money," consisting of a bonus of ten cents a week per man, provided the price of board does not exceed $4.00 a week. Thus it is evident that it is to the steward's interest to keep the price of board at exactly $4.00. But it should further be noticed that there is a waiting list of over 600 for the hall, that the places of those who leave the hall on account of poor fare will be filled from this list, and that there is thus no prospect of a decrease in membership. It is true that less than fifty have left the hall since October first, but that is because good board in Cambridge is expensive, and does not show that the management of the hall can not be improved.

From this it will be seen that there is no incentive for the steward to improve the quality of the food, and many well founded complaints have been made in regard to the service, the monotony of the bill of fare, and some of the food. It is practically impossible to do away with the first fault on account of the limited accommodations for serving so many people. The others, however, are wholly inexcusable, and must be the result of carelessness.

The remedy for the trouble lies with the board of directous. It does not seem to be generally known that there is a director's complaint box near the door of the dinning hall, for not a single complaint has been left in it for the last two months. All who have complaints to make of the management of the association are urged to leave them in this box. It is to be hoped that the new board of directors to be elected next week will give the matter a thorough investigation, so that members of the association may be sure that the best disposition is being made of their funds.