The 'Varsity and Class Teams for the B. A. Games.

Yesterday afternoon the final trials to pick the men for the 'Varsity and class relay teams were held on the board track back of the Gymnasium. A great deal of interest has been taken in these races, as no less than sixty-three candidates have been trying for places on the different teams. The men average better this year than they did last, and all the teams should prove fast.

Six men have been chosen for each team, but the final four have not yet been picked for any one of them.

This year prizes will be given to the members of the first two teams to finish, instead of the first alone, as formerly. The men for the five teams are as follows:

The 'Varsity team-E. Hollister '97 (Capt.), C. H. Williams '98, H. H. Fish '99, F. H. Bigelow '98, W. G. Morse '99, L. Little '97.


Ninety-seven-W. H. Vincent (Capt.), J. L. Little, H. L. Williams, A. W. Blakemore, N. B. Marshal, W. R. Mansfield.

Ninety-Eight-N. P. Breed, J. C. Rice (Capt.), D. W. A. Armistead, E. G. Green, J. W. Edson, E. M. Fullerton or M. J. G. Cunniff.


Ninety-nine-W. G. Morse (Capt.), L. B. Canterbury, H. E. Shore, A. B. Ruhl, R. H. Morrison, C. C. Mann.

Nineteen hundred-A. C. Gould (Capt.), E. C. Warren, K. McG. Martin, J. S. Dunstan, W. F. Porter, Wellington.