Special Notice.

A MILK WHITE FLAG.- The presentation of anything from the pen of America's popular playwright, Chas. Hoyt, not only calls out a large and expectant audience, but it is an event eagerly looked forward to by amusement lovers all over America. At the Park Theatre, beginning Monday evening, Feb. 1, his greatest success, "A Milk White Flag," which is claimed to be a departure from his previous efforts, will be presented. Mr. Hoyt does not claim it as a comedy, a farce, or an opera. He only announces it in his usual modest way: "A musical entertainment." But it is said to be more full of musical gems than an opera, dressier than a society play, funnier than a farce, spicier than the varieties, more unique than a specialty show, as rich in grace and beauty as a fancy dress ball, and as replete with good acting as the legitimate. The cast is the largest and strongest Mr. Hoyt has ever organized and embraces many prominent people, notably, Miss Belle Archer, leading lady with Nat Goodwin, E. H. Southern and the late Salvini; Clairiesse Agnew, who created such a sensation during the New York run; Chas. Stanley, for whom the part of Napoleon was especially written; Geo. Schiller, a Boston favorite and others to the number of 50 artists.

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