LACROSSE TEAM.- There will be two lacrosse squads daily, one at 3.45, the other at 5 p. m. Each candidate must be out at one of these hours.

B. T. BURLEY, Capt.THERE will be a trial for the 'Varsity Glee Club in Lower Dane on Thursday, Feb. 25, at 6.45 p. m. All candidates must bring a solo. Tenors are especially desired.


PIERIAN SODALITY.- Concert tonight in Newton. Special car leaves square at 7 p. m. sharp. All must be there before that time. Concert begins at 8.

H. COONLEY, Sec.SOUTHERN CLUB.- Those who expect to attend the dinner next Saturday should sign the blue-book at Leavitt's at once.

O. F. RICHARDS.FRESHMAN MANDOLIN CLUB.- The following men meet in 3 Claverly at 7 o'clock tonight:

First Mandolins-R. F. Bolles, R. P. Dana, E. Euston, J. W. Piper, C. M. Bill.

Second Mandolins-M. Seasongood, H. G. Parchen, Becker.

Guitars-W. H. Dougherty, A. F. Gotthold, F. M. Wilder, A. G. Mason, H. J. Davenport.

Those whose names are not in this list need not come any more.

G. MANIERE, Leader.MOODY MEETINGS in Tremont Temple.- Tickets for Wed., Thurs., and Fri-afternoons, and Wed. and Thurs., evenings can be obtained in Holden Chapel. These are Moody's last meetings in Boston.

THERE will be a meeting of the candidates for the Harvard cricket eleven next Wednesday night at 7.30 in the Trophy Room. All last year's players who are now in college as well as all men who wish to try for the team will be present.