'98 CREW.- Row at 3.50.

H. ADAMS.minutes' walk from Washington and Boylston Sts.), from 2 to 8 o'clock. The price of the ticket is 50c.

CIVIL SERVICE REFORM CLUB.- A number of subscriptions to Good Government expired with the December number. These can not be renewed until the annual dues have been paid.

JOHN R. PROCTER, JR., Sec.98 6

CHINESE NEW YEAR.- The Harvard Christian Association has been celebrating in its Chinese mission at 18 Oxford Street, Boston, the Chinese New Year which began at midnight last Sunday and ends at midnight tonight. It has arranged for visitors personally conducted trips through Chinatown. Only people interested in the Christian work among the Chinamen are invited and only a limited number of tickets have been put on sale. Harvard men taking an interest in the mission will be welcome this afternoon at 18 Oxford Street (three