Forty-Nine Candidates Present Themselves.- W. L. Garrison to Coach.

Forty-nine candidates for the Freshman baseball team met in the Trophy Room of the Gymnasium last evening in response to Captain Dean's call for candidates.

Captain Dean addressed the men briefly and outlined the work and spirit that will be necessary in order to turn out a winning team. He was followed in a brief petition by W. L. Garrison '97, who coached the '99 Freshman team and who will also act as coach this year. J. Wiggin '94, who was captain of the '94 'Varsity nine, also spoke.

The candidates will begin training Monday afternoon under the charge of Captain Dean and Coach Garrison. From time to time, as the season progresses, the more promising men will be taken to the 'Varsity squad. It is hoped that more candidates will come out later as there are considerably fewer than usual.

The candidates and their positions are as follows:

Pitcher-S. K. Clark, H. H. Fox, B. Schwill, C. R. Hayes, W. S. McCormick, G. H. Wilder.

Catcher-N. A. Egbert, W. E.Skillings, Jr., K. K. Carreck, F. Talbot, N. B. Adsit, T. R. Bateman.

First Base-R. T. Barnefield, H. Dougherty, E. L. Adams, S. W. Lewis, A. B. Holden, R. S. Holland, C. R. Hayes.

Second Base-C. H. Hatch, H. J. Davenport, F. T. Dow, C. F. Bacon, G. O. Clark, D. Farrington, E. Cook.

Third Base-L. B. Shay, H. L. Ewer, G. H. Wilder.

Short Stop-J. H. Morse, A. G. Mason, E. F. Loughlin, M. Seasongood, W. R. Martin.

Outfield-R. Haughton, W. A. Hosley, E. H. George, J. C. B. Davis, H. Ward, F. N. Chessman, K. McG. Martin, H. S. Coffin, H. D. Symonds, H. P. Vaux, R. F. Bolles, C. H. Morrill, H. W. Welch, C. M. Underwood, Jr., F. C. E. Fraunfelter.

As already announced, W. Philips has been appointed manager of the Freshman Nine.