Professors on Leave of Absence.

The following members of the Faculty are taking sabbatical years: W. W. Goodwin, Eliot Professor of Greek Literature, is at present in Thebes, Egypt. Professor J. B. Greenough, of the Latin Department, has been travelling in France and is now in Italy. Assistant Professor Channing is studying in London. He will probably remain in England until his leave expires.

Hugo Munsterberg, Professor of Experimental Psychology, left Harvard a year and a half ago, to return to the University of Freiburg, Baden. where also he holds a professorship. He did active service here only three years, but is now considering a proposal recently made him by President Eliot to become a regular, resident professor at Harvard. The Department of Philosophy is awaiting his decision with much interest, for if he refuses the offer, the Department will lose a valuable member, and readjustments will be necessary.

Mr. George Santayana, of the same Department, is now in Greece. During the autumn, as an officer of Harvard University, he was cordially received at Oxford, and was given the privileges of the university there. He is on a year's leave of absence from Harvard.

Assistant Professor of Astronomy S. I. Bailey has been absent from Cambridge since 1893, at the observing station at Arequipa, Peru.