Harvard Defeats Pennsylvania in the Team Race in Fast Time.

The B. A. A. meeting at Mechanics' Hall Saturday evening was every successful from a Harvard point of view.

Harvard won the team race from Pennsylvania after an excellent race in the record breaking time of 3m. 15s. Bigelow started off for Harvard and by a good spurt at the finish, just held his man who had led him all the way. Williams then took it up and after passing Grant at the first turn gained steadily on him, finishing fifteen yards to the good. Fish added a few yards to the lead, and Hollister, although he did not have to exert himself, widened the gap still more, ending about thirty yards ahead of Jarvis.

The class race was won by '97 with 1900 a close second, '99 third, and '98 fourth. For the Freshmen, Warren ran best and almost succeeded in passing Vincent on the stretch. Yale won her race against Georgetown but was defeated by Holy Cross. The fastest individual times were made by Fish of Harvard and Fisber of Yale, 47 seconds each. The next best were those of Hollister, Williams and Bigelow, in the order named.

In the other events Harvard men showed up fairly well, Bigelow taking third in the 40 yards invitation, and J. S. Dunstan 1900, with 7 1-2 ft., winning second in the 40 yds. handicap. W. G. Morse '99, with a handicap of 4 1-2 in., won the high jump at 6 ft. 2 1-2 in., and J. D. Dole '99 took second place at 5 ft. 10 in., with a handicap of 5 in. C. J. Paine, Jr., '97, won the shot put with a total of 42 ft. 8 1-2 in.; handicap 5 1-4 ft.

Harvard's score of points was 17; next the N. Y. A. C., with 10; Holy Cross, 8; B. A. A., 6, and Yale 5.

The summary:

Forty yards novice (scratch): H. C. Jones, Exeter, first; R. M. Graff, Yale, second; J. F. Callahan, Holy Cross, third; time, 5s.

Forty yards invitation (scratch): B. J. Wefers, Georgetown, first; A. W. Grosvenor. M. I. T., second; F. H. Bigelow, Harvard, third; time, 4 4-5s.

Forty yards handicap (9 ft. limit): A. T. Baker, Noble and Greenough's School, 9 ft., first; J. S. Dunstan, Harvard, 7 1-2 ft., second; J. J. Peters, Andover, 4 ft., third; time, 4 4-5s.

Mile invitation (scratch): E. W. Hjertberg, N. J. A. C., first; C. H. Kilpatrick, Princeton, second; G. P. Orton, U. of P., third; time, 4m. 36 4-5s.

Six hundred yards handicap (30 yards limit); C. H. Conway, Holy Cross, 30 yds., first; L. E. Fay, Amherst, 25 yds., second; H. P. Kendall, Amherst, 12 yds., third; time, 1m. 19 1-5s.

One thousand yards handicap (50 yds. limit): A. Blake, B. A. A., 10 yds., first; J. J. McLaughlin, Holy Cross, scratch, second; C. K. Palmer, Yale, 40 yds., third; time, 2m. 29 4-5s.

Putting 16 lb. shot (7 ft. limit): C. J. Paine, Jr., Harvard, 5 1-4 ft., first; M. J. Connor, Manchester Gym., 5 1-2 ft., second; R. Sheldon, Yale, scratch, third; actual put, 37 ft. 5 1-2 in.

Running high jump (6 in. limit); W. G. Morse, Harvard, 4 1-2 in., first; J. D. Dole, Harvard, 5 in., second; I. K. Baxter, Trinity, 3-4 in., third; actual height, 5 ft. 10 in.

The Harvard and U. of P. relay teams ran as follows:

Harvard: F. H. Bigelow '98, C. H. Williams '98, H. H. Fish '99, E. Hollister '97.