Agassiz Museum.

The changes made recently in the Museum are chiefly in the department of Economic Botany. Some important additions have been made to the collections on the third floor of the University Museum by the gift of John L. Gardner, 2nd. A large collection of American woods has been installed for exhibition, cut in such a way as to show their capabilities for cabinet purposes. In addition, there are sections of all the more important American woods, exhibiting the minute structure to the very best advantage. These specimens, in conjunction with the remarkable collection of sections prepared under the direction of Mr. Henry Brooks, enable any student in the subject to familiarize himself with all their distinguishing characters.

The recent acquisitions of glass models of flowers are among the most beautiful yet received. The leaves have been prepared by a new method, which may be fairly considered an improvement on the old, if such is possible. For the present the newly-received plants have been placed in the hall.

Specimens illustrating the dissemination of plants have been arranged in a systematic manner. in connection with representations of the different forms assumed by seedlings Close by these cases is one which are displayed the plants living under desert conditions.

New specimens illustrative of biological conditions, especially the relations of plants to insects are now in the course of preparation, and will soon be placed on exhibition.