Debate Arranged with the Sophomore Members of the Union.

The Freshman Debating Club has arranged for a debate with the Sophomore members of the Union, to be held on May 12. The men to represent the club in that debate will be chosen by three trials which will be conducted in the following manner:

A preliminary debate at which any member of the club may speak will be held March 31. Each man will be allowed three minutes any may speak on either side of the question. Three judges, one from the Union, one from the Forum, and one other, will select twenty men at this who will be eligible to speak at the second. The second trial will be held on April 14 and will be conducted as the first, with the exception that each man will be allowed four minutes. The three judges, one of whom will be a member of the Faculty, will select ten men for the third trial. Distinguished as the ten best debaters of the club, these men will be eligible for membership in the Union without further trial and the same concession will probably be secured from the Forum. The subject for the third trial, to be held on May 5, will be that selected for the debate with the Sophomores and each man must speak on the side of the question which has been accepted by the club for that debate. Four men, one to act as alternate, will be chosen on this trial by the judges, two of whom will be from the Faculty and one from the Forum.

The subjects for each trial will be announced in the CRIMSON. For March 31, the question will be "Resolved, That Hawaii should be annexed to the United States as a self-governing territory, to be admitted as a state only with the consent of all the states."