A Second Performance Confirms the Success of the French Play.

The French play was given for the second time in Copley Hall last night and proved to be a distinct success. The house was well filled and it seemed as if the play were thoroughly enjoyed. The players spoke with distinctness so that they could be heard from the back of the hall, but at times the words were slurred together and the French accent was poor.

The character of Monsieur Jourdain, taken by H. Warren Cram '97, was most excellently followed out. Though a most difficult part, his accent is perfect, and his interpretation of the part of a simpleton is most amusing. Nicole, the servant, though he spoke too quickly and his accent is not finished, yet entered with great spirit into his role; his laughter especially upon his entrance was natural and very infectious.

J. W. Frothingham who played Lucille made a most effective girl. H. W. Walch as Madame Jourdain was rather stiff at first, but later in the play did better. The trio in the first act by Valentine '98, Denison '99 and Waterhouse '98 and the ballets did much to enliven the different parts of the play.

The Pierian furnished the orchestral music.