COLLEGE NINE.- All the following men who have not already done so, must take their physical examination Friday at two. No man who fails to do so can go to Andover. Sears, Gregory, Galbraith, Cochrane, Vincent, H. I. Foster, McVey, Dayton, Jenney, Slade, Litchfield, Manning.

PHI KAPPA PSI.- Will all Phi Psi's in the University send their names and addresses to 25 Felton Hall as soon as convenient.

The Farmers will be on Soldiers Field dressed to play at 4 o'clock.

LACROSSE TEAM.- All candidates must be on Norton's Field at 4 sharp today. Practice game against some of the Boston lacrosse team.

Candidates must return to Cambridge for practice on Friday of the vacation, as there will be a game Saturday, the 24th.


ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- The Rev. J. L. Tryon will read service tonight, Good Friday, in 17 Grays at 7 p. m.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 6.45.

'VARSITY BASEBALL.- Practice at 3 o'clock sharp on account of 'Varsity track games.

HARVARD UNION.- Business meeting at 22 Stoughton at 6.30 today.

'98 Weld crew row at 3.45. All substitutes be on hand.

ALL contributions for the May Monthly must be sent to the secretary, 53 Ware Hall, before April 28.

LACROSSE TEAM.- Practice on Norton's Field today at 4 sharp.

GOLF CLUB.- Any member of the University who wishes to join the Golf Club may do so by sending the annual dues of $5.00 to the treasurer, J. F. Curtis, 42 Claverly.

CRICKET TEAM.- All candidates must be on Holmes Field for fielding practice at 4 this afternoon.