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Professor Wendell's play "Ralegh in Guiana" is to be published in Scribner's Magazine.

President McKinley has appointed Bellamy Storer '67 U. S. minister to Belgium instead of making him assistant secretary of state, as was expected.

The 1900 class crew and the 1900 Weld rowed two stretches against each other yesterday. Owing to a turn in the river the Weld crew pulled away from the regulars in the first stretch, but were beaten by the latter in the last trial.

If a sufficiently large number of men sign for the course there is a possibility that a summer course in Scientific German will this year be given in the Summer School. Men desiring to take the course, the work of which will correspond to that of German 1c, are asked to send their names to Edward L. C. Clark, 33 Trowbridge street.