Pudding Play Progress.

The final dress rehearsal of the "Flying Dutchmen" will be held tonight at seven o'clock.

The scenery, designed by L. Pitts '97, has arrived and has been used at the last few rehearsals. The Harvard Square scene, used in the second act, is a remarkably clever piece of work and should make a decided hit among people acquainted with Cambridge. But from an artistic point of view the Nieu Amsterdam public square scene (the first and third acts) is the better of the two. The colors in this scene are bright and the arrangement is graceful and effective.

Baldwin's orchestra has rehearsed four times with the principals and chorus, and the men are well accustomed to orchestral accompaniment. At last night's rehearsal the singing was strong and snappy.

The costumes, also from designs by Pitts, are the typical Dutch dresses of the period, steeple-crowned hats, baggy coats and breeches for the men, and cap and full dress for the women. In the Harvard Square scene the chorus of students will be dressed in costumes of the present day, treated with a certain amount of poetic license.

Among the specialties introduced in the third act is an exceedingly clever burlesque on "Secret Service" by H. Woodruff '98 and H. Schurz '97.


All the performers, both principlas and chorus, show the beneficial effects of the spring vacation. Immediately before the recess there was evidence of "staleness" among the men, but they have returned much improved by a week's rest. Last night's rehearsal went off with more dash than any yet given.

As has been previously stated, the dates have been changed. Graduates' night will be tomorrow, when the performance will begin at 8 o'clock. The public Cambridge performances will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings of this week Men who find it inconvenient to attend any of the performances here will have opportunities to see the play next Monday and Tuesday at the Bijou Theatre in Boston.