Weld Crews.

The work of the Weld crews has progressed rapidly during the vacation. Previous to the recess the men were put in shells secured from the 'Varsity management and the Riverside Boat Club. The coaching has been done by W. S. Youngman L. S., A. W. Stevens '97 and Donovan, the professional coach.

During the past week the crews with the exception of '97 have been rowing twice a day. The continued practice has developed the men to a rather surprising extent and they are now rowing with comparative smoothness and ease. The chief faults are rushing the slides and a slight raggedness in the blade work.

Ninety-eight has been rowing in the '96 'Varsity paper shell in the following order: Stroke, Du Bois; 7, Butler; 6, Millard; 5, Wood; 4, Sheafe; 3, Robinson; 2, McBurney; bow, Richards.

Ninety-nine rows in the '95 'Varsity paper shell in the following order: Stroke, Holden; 7, Dinsmore; 6, Conroy; 5, Coleman; 4, Blaikie; 3, Stoddard; 2, Davis; bow, Bigelow.

The order in the 1900 boat is as follows: Stroke, Durham; 7, Kernan; 6, Fitzgerald; 5, Pierce; 4, Emery; 3, Sherburne; 2, Morrill; bow, Bedford. They use a cedar shell hired from the Riverside Boat Club.


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