Freshman-Union Sophomore Debate.

The Freshman debate with the Sophomore members of the Union is to be held in the Fogg Art Museum lecture room on Wednesday, May 12, at 7.30 p. m. The question will be "Resolved, That the action of Mr. Cleveland in vetoing the recent immigration bill was commendable."

The Sophomore team will be composed of C. G. Dolman, R. L. Hoguet, G. R. Stobbs, F. O. White. The Freshman team, as chosen at last night's competitive debate, will be W. P. Eaton, H. L. Richards, S. B. Southworth; alternate, R. C. Bolling. Professor Baker will preside.

The speaking at the trial debate last night lacked the snap and life that has characterized the former trials but the arguments were well handled. Dean Briggs and Professor Baker acted as judges.

The club will hold a banquet immediately after the debate on May 12, and blue-books have been left at Sanborn's and at Memorial to be signed by those members who wish to be present. They must be signed before Monday next.