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The "Hollis Halls" defeated the "Moses Lights," 18-16, in a listless, six inning game. Owing to the inability of any of the pitchers to find the plate, Brown and Doran were taken from behind the bat and pitched the game out for their respective sides.

The make-up:

"Hollis Halls"- Doran, Elint, c.; Rea, Doran. p.; Kuhn, 1b.; Haskell, 2b.; Whitmore, 3b.; Flint, Rea, s. s.; Bailey, l. f.; Weld, c. f.; Levy, r. f.

"Moses Lights"- Brown, Gibbey, c.; E. F. Southworth, Brown, p.; Porter, 1b.; Rousmaniere, 2b.; Holden, 3b.; Kent, s. s.; E. F. Sonthworth, Gibbey, l. f.; Sherburne, c. f.; S. B. Southworth, r. f.