'97 Crew.

The order of the Senior crew has now been practically fixed, and all their time is devoted to improving the work of the men as an eight. The crew rows down to the basin every afternoon, when Mr. Goodenough meets them at the Union Boathouse to coach. The Senior Crew is working slightly harder than any of the other class crews, but though very strong are not rowing a finished stroke. However, the watermanship is improving greatly. On the other hand, though, there is a general tendency to be slow at the catch and sluggish on the recover. The following is an individual criticism of the men:

Stroke, Saunders, meets his oar and has a tendency to hang.

7. Duffield. Slow on the shoot and rows without life.

6. Dunlop. Goes back too far at the finish and is slow on the shoot.


5. Sullivan. Buries his oar too deeply and meets his oar.

4. Sleeper. Rows out badly at the finish and is slow on the catch.


3. Dexter. Rows short and is slow on the catch.

2. Scattergood. Does not catch quickly enough and goes back too far at the finish.

Bow. Rantoul. Has too great a backward body swing and is a little behind on the catch.