Daul Games with U. of P.

On Monday trial races will be run to partially aid in the final selection of the men to compete in the dual games with U. of P., to be held on Holmes Field, Saturday, May 8. The games promise to be very close, as may be seen by comparing the records given below. The records of the Pennsylvania men were given by Mr. Geyelin, president of the athletic association. In spite of the severity of the faculty restrictions which have prevented several very promising men from training, Captain Windsor is much encouraged by the earnestness shown by all the men in their work this spring.

In the 100 and 220 yards dashes Penn.'s best men are Hoffman and Tewkesbury. At the relay carnival held last week Hoffman ran the 100 yards in 10s., and the 220 yards in 22 1-5s. Harvard's entries in the sprints will be practically the same as last year, Roche, Bigelow, Denholm, Redpath and Marshall. In the 'Varsity games Roche ran the 100 in 10 1-5s., and Denholm the 220 in 22 3-5s. Bigelow has been trobled with a weak ankle which has prevented him from equalling his previous records.

Hoffman, Bastian and Hillary are Penn.'s best men in the 440 yards run. Their records range from 51 to 52s. Harvard will be represented by Hollister, Vincent and Fish in this event. In the relay race last week Hollister ran his relay under 50s., Vincent in 50 1-5s., Fish in 51 1-5s.

Pennsylvania has four men running close to 2m. in the half mile, with Orton and Mechlin a little better. In the 'Varsity games Hollister ran the half in 1m. 54 2-5s. Of the other men Draper, Dill, Fenno, Williams and Boardman can do very close to 2m.

Orton, Mechlin and Grant have the best records of the Penn. entries for the mile run. As Dick Grant will not run, Starbuck and Foote are Harvard's best runners, having records of about 4m. 40s.

Fetterman is the fastest man in the walk with a record of 6m. 50s. For Harvard, Philipps and Musen are both walking under 7m. 30s.

In the 120 yards hurdles W. P. Remington and McKibbon are running under 17s. In the 'Varsity games Fox made 16 3-5s., with Hallowell and E. H. Clark close behind him.

Bastian is Penn.'s fastest man in the low hurdles. As yet he has made no record but is thought to be good for 26s. McXibbon and Windsor are running close to him. Hubbard's time of 26s. is the best that has been made for Harvard this year. Morse did 26 2-5s. in the class games.

In the bicycle race Penn. has the men who got first and second in the event last year. For Harvard, Harbeck, Brinckerhoff and Richards are doing the best riding.

In the hammer and shot Woodruff is the best man, having a record of 138 ft. in the former, and of over 40 ft. in the latter event. McCracken is a good second in both events. Shaw, Clark and Patterson are Harvard's best men in the events.

The pole vault will rest between Stewart of Penn., who has a record of 11 ft. 1 in., and Hoyt, the intercollegiate champion.

In the broad jump J. P. Remington has jumped 22 ft. 2 in. In the Harvard 'Varsity games Clarke did 22 ft. 1 1-2 in.

Penn has Windsor and Lesley in the high jump, both of whom have jumped over 6 ft. For Harvard, Morse, Paine, Clark and Rice are the best, the first two tieing at 5 ft. 10 in. in the 'Varsity games, Rice getting third with a jump of 5 ft. 9 in.

Tickets for the games will be on sale Monday at Leavitt's.