Interscholastic Tennis Tournament.

The interscholastic tennis tournament will begin on Holmes Field at 9 o'clock this morning. The following eight schools have entered men: Roxbury Latin, Hopkinson, Milton Academy, Newton High, Noble and Greenough's, Brookline High, Cambridge Latin, Volkman's school. The drawings for the preliminary and first rounds are as follow, the winners of each two matches in order constituting the second round:

Prelimary Round.

R. Thorndike H., vs. Lindsley M. A.

C. Ellison N. H., vs. J. Lovering N. and G.

K. S. Adams C. L., vs. C. R. Cross N. and G.

S. Beals H., vs. G. Pratt N. H.

A. P. Hawes H., vs. H. Stearns N. H.

B. D. Bartlett H., vs. E. Raymond M. A.

Collidge N. H., vs. E. J. Samson, R. L.

B. F. Nourse H., vs. G. T. Putnam, R. L.

M. Bartlett N. and G., vs. C. George, R. L.

F. Bradley B. H., vs. P. Whittington, Volk.

R. Pierce M. A. vs. C. Clark N. H.

W. Merrian M. A., vs. W. Appleton Jr. H.

First Round.

S. Ware B. H., vs. R. Kinnicut M. A.