Shooting Accident.- Selection of Commencement Speakers.

PRINCETON, N. J., May 10, 1897.

A deep gloom has been cast over the University by the accident which befell Rowley Shepardson, of the freshman class, on Saturday afternoon, resulting fatally yesterday. With several companions he had gone gunning along the canal, and, in pushing off a boat in which he had placed his gun half-cocked, caused the gun to go off, the whole load entering his body. He was taken to the infirmary and given the best medical attention, but death came on Sunday afternoon. Mr. Shepardson's home was in Richmond, Va.

THe success of Princeton's representatives in the debate with Yale was received with the greatest enthusiasm by the students. A parade was formed, which marched over the campus and was briefly addressed by President Patton. The debaters worked hard in the face of recent defeats and well deserved their victory.

At a meeting of the Athletic Advisory Committee, held last week, B. H. Thompson '97 was chosen generalathletic treasurer for the coming year.

The first interscholastic games under the auspices of the Princeton Track Association took place on Saturday afternoon at the 'Varsity field. Thirty-one schools were represented and one hundred and sixty individual entries were made. A feature of the day was the half-mile run, in which Hipper, of Barnard, the interscholastic champion, was defeated by Manvel, of Pingry. Lawrenceville won the handsome banner offered as a trophy by scoring the greatest number of points-33. Berkeley was second with 20 1-3 points, and Pingry third with 19 1-3.

The following men have been appointed by the faculty to be the speakers at Commencement: Latin salutatory, H. N. Russell, New York; Valedictory, J. H. Kilner, Pennsylvania. English orations-Robert Corin, Ohio; Arthur W. Leonard, Ohio; Wilfred M. Post, Syria. The following men will be the contestants in the junior oratorical contest at Commencement: From Whig Hall-D. F. Altland, J. W. Churchman, Paul C. Martin, W. F. McCombs, Jr.; from Clio Hall-G. A. Armstrong, R. L. Beecher, F. L. Johnson, M. Lowrie.