Mott Haven Team Meets Yale.- Baseball Team Plays Princeton.

The Mott Haven team left Cambridge yesterday afternoon for New Haven, where they will meet the Yale track team today for the first time since the breaking off of athletic relations between the two universities. From what comparison is possible the teams seem to be very evenly matched, and the outcome will probably depend largely upon the results of the sprints.

The following will act as officials: Referee-W. B. Curtis, N. Y. A. C. Judges at finish-J. E. Sullivan, N. J. A. C.; H. Taggart, B. A. A.; B. S. Weeks, N. Y. A. C. Starter-W. H. Robertson. Timers-R. Stoll, N. Y. A. C.; F. M. Wood, B. A. A.; J. Graham, B. A. A. Field judges-H. Baxter, N. Y. A. C.; J. E. Morse, N. A. A.; M. L. Pratt, B. A. A. Clerk of course-J. J. Dixon, National Club of Brooklyn. Assistant clerks of course-H. W. Howe, H. A. A.; I. N. Swift, Y. A. A. Scorers-W. Dole; G. B. Billings, H. A. A. Announcer-Dr. Anderson. Inspectors-H. S. Quinn, N. J. A. C.; P. T. Lowell, B. A. A.; E. D. Hendee. Marshals-A. D. Peck, B. A. A.; G. B. Morison, W. Camp, A. Gillette.

The 'Varsity baseball team left yesterday for Princeton, where the first game of the series will be played this afternoon. As the nine has shown a marked improvement of late, a close game is expected, though Princeton has a veteran team.

The Harvard batting order will be: Rand, l. f.; Haughton, 1b., Beale, c. f.; Scannell, c.; Stevenson, 3b.; Burgess, r. f.; Dean, 2b.; Chandler, s. s.; Paine, p. Fitz, Davis, Hayes, Lynch and Lauglin were also taken as substitutes.

Both teams received a good send-off in the Square, as a large crowd was out to cheer them on their departure.